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Heaven Solutions is here to help you meet your credit score goals. Our credit repair services can help you work to remove the inaccurate or unfair negative items listed on your credit report.



The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) plays a major role in the credit repair process as it's laws protect consumers by governing credit bureaus and the furnishers of credit information like creditors and financial institutions. Some of the key laws and rights granted in the FCRA include:

  • Credit bureaus are required to provide one free credit report every 12 months.

  • Credit bureaus are required to verify the accuracy of information listed on the report.

  • Creditors and financial institutions are required to only report complete and accurate consumer information.

  • Consumers can challenge incorrect and incomplete items listed on a credit report.

  • Consumers can seek damages from credit bureaus and furnishers violating the FCRA.

  • Consumers can limit who can access your credit reports.

  • Consumers can request if your credit report is being used against you financially.

The team at Heaven Solutions will help you understand your credit profile and rights as a consumer during our free credit consultation.


If the number of errors on your credit report are below average, fixing credit yourself could end up being a less expensive alternative. To get started, our book Credit Is Power will cover how to request a free credit report and review it for error. For information on removing negative items, our guide to credit disputes will get you started with the basic process of disputing through removal letters. For direct information on removing negative items, our credit dispute letter templates will help in removing some of the common errors found on a credit report.


If your credit report is already free of errors and negative items, credit repair will not help you raise your credit score. After your report is clean, raising your score comes down to practicing good credit habits and being mindful of how a credit score is calculated. For more detailed insight on improving your credit, here are the five main factors that affect your score:

  • Payment History & Late Payments: 35%

  • Credit Utilization: 30%

  • Number of Credit Inquiries: 15%

  • Length of Credit History: 10%

  • Credit Diversity & Types of Credit: 10%

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