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A credit monitoring service keeps track of modifications in borrower conduct and alerts clients to suspected fraud as well as modifications in creditworthiness. For instance, credit monitoring services can prevent identity theft, which occurs when a person's personal data is stolen and used for malicious purposes without their consent. A credit monitoring service should identify the various purchasing patterns if a credit card is stolen and used, then notify the cardholder.

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IdentityIQ is a U.S.-based identity theft protection company founded in 2009 that offers four tiers of security to guard your personal identity. Its premium Secure Max plan offers free coverage for family members, while some competing plans at similar price points don't. IdentityIQ also provides $1 million in recovery insurance for all plans, which is another benefit that some other companies only provide with their higher-priced offerings.

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Credit Strong

Here is your unsecured credit builder link! I would consider this one of the most essential part of credit restoration. Building your own primary credit and this is what makes the 700 Program so unique. As we remove the negative items, you will add positive credit history.

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Rent Reporters

Let Your Rent Do the Work and Watch Your Credit Improve

Use your credit score to create the life you want and explore your new financial opportunities.

Will this mean getting rid of a prepaid cell phone plan, qualifying for a lower interest rate credit card, getting that job you really want, or even buying your dream home?


Credit Builder Card

Grow your score and reach your financial goals with Credit Builder Card

  • Interest rates under 23%

  • Low $200 limit so you won't go into debt

  • Designed to help you build credit

  • Reports within a week of approval

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